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City Mom Collective is an incredible business opportunity for moms in any phase of motherhood, looking to take control of their work and family lives while leading their local mom-community. With nearly 80 successful Sister Site locations throughout the US, and new Sister Sites being added each month, our business model is being proven successful again and again.

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By joining City Mom Collective (CMC) and our Sisterhood, you get the opportunity to be a mom-boss, and with that the ability to work around the needs of your family. Top that off with a full tech-support team, Sisterhood of like-minded moms and a life-changing experience!

What makes CMC a unique home-based business model for moms is the value of business coaching, professional training and ongoing support from our experienced national team and fellow Sister Site owners.

This level of experienced community support is unrivaled and is the key differentiator for ensuring success and longevity within the local-parenting resource space.

About City Mom Collective

Our Culture


We are passionate about connecting moms

We are a community of women passionate about connecting moms, while being work-at-home moms!

Starting out as Scottsdale Moms Blog in 2010, by friends Steph Flies and Joy Cherick, out of a desire to connect moms in their community. They saw a need for moms to be able to share local information, recommendations, and build lasting friendships.

Shortly after, women all over the country began approaching them to do the same thing in their cities. City Moms Blog Network (now City Mom Collective) was formed and has since been assisting moms in launching Sister Sites within their local markets throughout the US.

Since launch, CMC has grown to over 80+ Sister Sites nationally, quickly positioning itself as the premiere mom-centric local business brand and one of the most impactful online communities within the 90+ city markets served.

Start your own sister site & transform your passion


We are looking for ambitious women who are passionate about connecting with moms and who are motivated to start a successful and impactful Sister Site. By being a part of City Mom Collective, our brand, platform, support, and services allow you to start and run your own, profitable business.

Sister Sites are written and run BY local moms, FOR local moms… connecting women that want to own their own business and be leaders in their local community.


run a successful business

With Our Help

Our experienced team will teach and coach you how to run a successful online business. Our coaching and support teach you to:

  • Manage and run a turn-key local parenting resource business
  • Publish original content that local moms can relate to
  • Develop and lead a team of volunteer writers to help be the voice of your brand and influencers in the community
  • Cultivate community through the use of social media
  • Host exciting events for local moms to attend
  • Work with local businesses (that moms love) to advertise on-site or sponsor events
  • Connect moms and take joy in making the local mom community a better place

Our Membership

what’s included

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The CMC Web & The Team partners with our members to offer them the web maintenance and technical support they need to grow their local businesses. This provides CMC members with the peace-of-mind they need to operate the many other facets of their business.


Unique compared to other networking groups and affiliations, City Mom Collective membership allows for members to take advantage of paid advertising opportunities and affiliate relationships, which are often reserved for large influencer groups or longstanding businesses with a wider reach. These unique opportunities, which are managed by a team of dedicated Sales professionals and contracted by City Mom Collective, are offered to our members with the intention of bringing income to members’ local sites as well as trust from readers and potential local sponsors.

In addition to paid sales opportunities, City Mom Collective acts as a Media Agency, providing marketing support at the National level for our members. This support, much like local media attention, allows for members to spotlight their local efforts and gain credibility and trust.


One of the greatest strengths of City Mom Collective is its community and our commitment to support, encourage and equip the entrepreneurs that make up this network. Led by a team that has experienced the same stages of growing a business that each site owner walks, City Mom Collective provides ongoing continuing education opportunities, articles and tools for your business as well as a network of community support to ensure you are supported at every turn.


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St. Louis Mom

“I love owning a site because it allows me to connect with my community in a meaningful way, grow in leadership, and continue to contribute as a professional while also caring for my children.”

Military Mom Collective

“I love being a sister site owner because I receive so many benefits. I connect with other moms in my demographic and am building a large, supportive community for moms. At the same time, I am able to keep a flexible schedule and provide for myself and my family!”


San Francisco Bay Area Moms

“I love owning a site because it opens up boundless opportunities to connect with family-oriented and women-empowering resources!”

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